Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one can be tragic. Wrongful Death is where a death occurs due to the negligence or misconduct of another. Common causes of wrongful death include accidents by car, motorcycle, semi-truck or medical malpractice.

Under Florida law, beneficiaries of the estate may be able to recover monetary damages if one dies because of the negligence of another. In Florida, beneficiaries of the estate may be entitled to the following types of damages:

  • Grief, sorrow, mental anguish, loss of society, companionship, comfort and guidance.
  • Expected loss of income from the decedent, reasonably expected loss of services, protection, care, and assistance which the decedent may have provided.
  • Expenses for the care, treatment and hospitalization of the decedent from the injury that resulted in death, and reasonable funeral expenses.

We have helped many families recover what they are due under the law. M. Lance Holden and Brennan, Holden & Kavouklis, P.A. work closely with clients in difficult times to fully recover what the law allows.

If you are interested in receiving help due to the loss of a loved one, please contact us for a free case evaluation or call our Winter Haven office at 863-618-1100.   Please provide us with as much information as is reasonably available. The quality of our evaluation is dependent upon the accuracy of the information you provide to us.

Our attorneys will evaluate your claim for free and represent you on a contingency fee basis – you pay no attorneys’ fees unless we recover compensation for your claim.