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Defective Products

When products are sold to the public, the manufacturer warrants to the public that the product is safe and that it will perform as expected. When that product injures someone and fails to perform to the expectations of the public, the manufacturer can be held liable for the damages caused by this defective product. A product may be defective because it was designed in such a way as to be unreasonably dangerous to the public, because it was manufactured incorrectly, or because there were inadequate warnings or instructions on how to operate or use the product. The manufacturer, parts supplier, or even the retailer of a particular product may be held responsible for the injuries caused due to a defective product that they manufacture, produce, design or sell.

Lance Holden and Brennan, Holden & Kavouklis, P.A., have extensive experience with products liability litigation at the state and federal levels. We handle cases out of state, including being the lead counsel on cases as far away as California. We have the manpower, resources and experience to take on giant corporate interests and demand justice and compensation for all persons seriously injured or killed due to a defective product.

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